Can i use a laser lipo machine if i have diabetes or heart disease?

As long as you're healthy and your diabetes is well controlled, you can have laser liposuction. Laser liposuction is safe to perform as long as your diabetes is under control and there is no damage to the heart, liver, or kidneys caused by diabetes. Like all medical procedures, laser liposuction has some contraindications that may prevent you from undergoing the procedure. Patients will also have some limitations in terms of the amount of fat that can be removed during a single laser liposuction procedure; these limits help ensure their safety and cannot be negotiated.

Laser liposuction gives people all the benefits of traditional liposuction treatment, which includes a leaner, more toned body with better contours, while providing them with a qualitatively better procedure and recovery. Because the tube used in laser liposuction is smaller than the tube used in traditional liposuction, surgeons prefer this method for confined areas, such as the chin and face. One of the main advantages of Laser Lipo is how quickly you'll get the results, so there's no reason to rush your already brief recovery. Soon you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of laser liposuction and the new body you'll get as a result.

Birchall will have explained to her during her consultation process that laser liposuction is not intended to help clients achieve drastic weight loss. However, laser liposuction is an appropriate and effective option for most people, and it can truly provide permanent results that can have a transformative impact on your mood and confidence. The minimally invasive procedure is similar to traditional liposuction, since anesthesia is administered (for laser lipolysis, local rather than general anesthesia is used), an incision is made in the skin, and a special tube is inserted to remove the fat that the laser has melted. Non-invasive treatments, such as CoolSculpting, can sometimes be combined with laser liposuction for more dramatic results.

And while the results of laser liposuction are immediate, the results of CoolSculpting take several weeks (and up to two months) to notice. Laser lipo or laser liposuction is a fat removal method that uses laser energy to melt fat cells without surgery. Birchall can help you achieve your desired results by other means in the unlikely event that you don't qualify for laser liposuction. And while laser liposuction offers permanent results in the treated areas, you can still gain weight in other parts of the body if you don't stay in shape.

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