Can i use a laser lipo machine if i have had previous cosmetic surgery?

Any procedure performed by any doctor can have complications. But laser liposuction is a very powerful machine that can cause a complication without much effort. This is especially true of doctors with no experience in cosmetic training. Most people who undergo this treatment can expect to lose about 25 pounds.

For most people, this is equivalent to losing a full size of pants, but it's different for each of us. Everything will depend on the distribution of body fat and where it is extracted. The problem is that many doctors who use laser liposuction in their offices may be the least trained in liposuction techniques. The photo above is a lipo laser neck procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon before and after.

The problem is that, in inexperienced hands, the doctor can treat the patient with a lipo laser instead of the proper procedure. Finally, the third patient (with the blue background at the bottom) is scanned from a document provided by one of the manufacturers to show a comparison between laser liposuction and standard liposuction. Often, doctors who perform laser liposuction in their offices, without having to monitor the health standards found in hospitals, surgical centers, or other accredited operating rooms, are not trained in cosmetic surgery.

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