Can laser lipo cause fat embolism?

Embolization of fat or clots is very rare after laser liposuction. These cases are usually very conservative and you get up and walk right away. Unless you have a specific risk factor for embolization, the procedure is very safe. Although rare, the development of fat embolisms can occur during a liposuction procedure.

This usually occurs with high-volume procedures in which more than 5 liters of fat are removed from a patient and the use of a larger diameter cannula is required. Similarly, fat embolisms are known to develop in patients who undergo fat transfer procedures. This can occur when the fat cells that are injected are too large for the patient's blood vessels or when the injection is done at a time other than the time the cannula is removed from the body. Fat embolisms usually occur when fat enters the bloodstream from bone fractures.

They may be associated with high-volume liposuction procedures, especially when large cannulas are used or varicose veins are found in the area of fat embolism treatment. For additional information on surgical risks, such as fat embolisms, and how those risks can be reduced for a procedure that may interest you, be sure to schedule your initial consultation at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center with Dr.

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