Does laser lipo make your skin sag?

While liposuction can do a lot to sculpt the body, one thing it can't do is tighten the skin. This is an important aspect of body contouring because, without proper consideration and planning, a person's skin can look loose and saggy after the liposuction procedure. Skin tightening is another benefit of the laser that has been mentioned more frequently lately. Sagging and loose skin is a matter of concern for liposuction patients, as simply removing fat cannot address poor skin elasticity in older patients.

To achieve good results with liposuction, the skin must contract satisfactorily after the procedure. Learn more about the benefits of laser liposuction with fat transfer here, even if it can help tighten saggy skin. After the procedure, patients can return to most of their daily activities, and the final results of laser fat transfer take several weeks or months to fully develop. While there is the possibility of temporary skin tightening with laser liposuction, the main difference between laser liposuction and Smartlipo laser liposuction is that it uses high-intensity laser energy to liquefy fat, allowing it to be easily removed.

Shafer's preferred option is SmartLipo, which works with laser energy to tighten the skin from below the surface and, at the same time, melts fat, making it easier to remove it during liposuction.

Teri Amarian
Teri Amarian

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