Is laser lipo safer than regular lipo?

The latest and safest liposuction available today is provided by laser technology. There are some key differences in function, safety, discomfort, recovery time and results compared to traditional liposuction. In general, traditional liposuction is the safest. With the laser, there is always a risk of getting burned.

In the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, you should be safe with either one. As you'll see, laser liposuction is much less invasive than traditional liposuction and has a faster recovery time. Whether you're looking for a more convenient alternative to Brazilian butt lift surgery or a more natural solution for breast augmentation, laser lipo may be right for you. Laser lipo also opens up the possibility of liporemodeling in older patients who are more prone to sagging, due to the thinning of the dermis and septa, thanks to the skin contraction effect caused by the release of heat shock proteins that occur during treatment.

Laser fat removal makes it easier to suction fat, so the doctor only needs to create small incisions to suck it up. The laser lipo procedure coagulates small blood vessels (reducing bleeding and bruising) and causes less mechanical trauma. Also known as laser lipo or laser-assisted lipo, laser liposuction is an interesting fat removal solution that uses advanced technology, including thermal energy, to optimize the liposuction process and achieve a more comfortable procedure, more reliable results and a shorter recovery period. Gaiser will examine your areas of concern, discuss your ideal outcome, and determine if laser liposuction with fat transfer may be right for you.

American Lipo Centers is a management and marketing organization for plastic and aesthetic surgeons who perform laser and tumescent liposuction services, and all services are performed by licensed physicians. Laser lipotherapy is ideal for performing volume corrections on devitalized and stretched skin, such as the abdominal region after pregnancy or the inner part of the thighs. This liposuction laser treatment, also known as Smartlipo, is a fairly new technique in which the doctor removes excess fat and tightens the skin in certain areas using first a laser that liquefies the fat and then removes it with smaller liposuction cannulas. The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called laser sculpture, produces an effective destruction of adipose tissue thanks to its photothermic effect and, at the same time, stimulates neocholagogenesis thanks to the deposition of heat at the hypodermic level.

While liposuction with fat transfer has made this possible for many years, patients can now achieve their goals with a number of additional benefits offered by laser liposuction plus fat grafting. In addition to the methods used to perform these procedures, other key differences between traditional lipo and laser-assisted lipo include the appropriate body areas, the size of the incision, the type of anesthesia used, the results and the final recovery. This laser fat removal treatment uses laser energy that is sent to tissues with a laser fiber to break down fat cells. Another difference between the two treatments is that in the previous procedure, the aspiration process is much more abrupt than with the laser liposuction treatment.

If losing weight in one area and filling in another seems like a dream come true, laser liposuction and fat transfer with BeautiFill can help.

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